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Victory! Marriage Equality in Connecticut

Celebration: Marriages Begin in Connecticut!

On Wednesday, November 12, 2008, same-sex couples began receiving marriage licenses, and marrying, in Connecticut! View photos from the day's celebrations Photos by Glenn Koetzner for Love Makes a Family A Dream Come True: Watch the wedding video of plaintiffs Janet Peck and Carol Conklin

News Coverage

Attorney Ben Klein and plaintiffs Garrett Stack and John Anderson on CBS News (video) GLAD: Press Release New York Times: Gay Marriages Begin in Connecticut Hartford Courant Photo Gallery: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling and Ceremonies Hartford Courant: Same-Sex Couples in Connecticut Tie the Knot, Legally New England Cable News: Inside the Courtroom (video) WFSB: Gay Marriage Passes Final Hurdle (video) MSNBC: Connecticut Allows Gay Marriage (video)

Marriage Resources

Download How to Get Married in Connecticut (pdf) and the
Connecticut Marriage Q&A (pdf) Watch the Marriage 101 Workshop online here View the Revised CT Marriage License Application Forms (sample only):
marriage worksheet and license certificate application In an historic decision, Connecticut’s Supreme Court ruled on October 10 that gay and lesbian couples in the Constitution State deserve marriage. Not domestic partnerships or civil unions, but full and equal marriage and the respect, dignity and security that only marriage provides. With this ruling, in GLAD’s case Kerrigan & Mock et al v. Connecticut Department of Public Health, Connecticut has opened the doors to true equality for lesbian and gay couples.

Helpful Information:
Decision Day Press Conference: GLAD Attorneys Ben Klein and Mary Bonauto
and Anne Stanback of LMF
Decision Day Rally: Plaintiffs Speak
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“Today’s victory fulfills the hopes and dreams of gay and lesbian families to live as full and equal citizens in Connecticut. Marriage is unparalleled in the dignity, respect and protection it gives families.” - Attorney Ben Klein “We are overjoyed to tell our twin boys that we will be married, just like their friends’ parents. We are profoundly grateful to live in a state which recognizes our equality.” - Plaintiffs Beth Kerrigan and Jodie Mock

News Coverage