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Amicus · Loss · Final Disposition on December 7, 2007

Chambers v. Ormiston

The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled on December 7, 2007, that the state’s Family Court does not have jurisdiction to recognize a same-sex couple’s Massachusetts marriage for the purpose of granting them a divorce.

GLAD was an Amicus in this case.

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Amicus Briefs Filed with the Rhode Island Supreme Court on the Certified Question of Law from the Family Court (re: Chambers v. Ormiston): May the family court properly recognize, for the purpose of entertaining a divorce petition, a marriage of two persons of the same sex purportedly married in another state?

Briefs Filed in Support

Briefs Filed in Oppostion

*While the Governor’s brief argues that the Family Court does have jurisdiction in this case, it also takes a position against Rhode Island recognizing marriages of same-sex couples.

Response Briefs Filed in Support

Response Briefs Filed in Oppostion

Reply Briefs Filed in Support

Reply Briefs Filed in Oppostion