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Cases: Rhode Island

In re Parentage of Minor Child

Victory • 2016

In an important ruling that creates an alternative path to parentage for couples who use assisted reproductive technology in their pregnancies - one that more closely tracks the reality of these families’ lives - GLAD… Read More →

D’Amico v. Cranston School Department

Settled • 2009

In a victory for GLAD, the Rhode Island Human Rights Commission found probable cause to believe that sexual orientation discrimination had occurred when a Rhode Island teacher was denied family leave benefits to care for… Read More →

Tevyaw v. Colvin

Settled • 2014

Update: After a three-year-long battle, Deborah Tevyaw has finally received the Social Security survivor's benefits she has been due since the death of her wife Patricia Baker in 2011. Over $30,000 in back benefits were paid to Deb on… Read More →

Chambers v. Ormiston

Loss • 2007

The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled on December 7, 2007, that the state’s Family Court does not have jurisdiction to recognize a same-sex couple’s Massachusetts marriage for the purpose of granting them a divorce.

GLAD… Read More →

Tiverton School Committee v. McCullough & Boivin

Settled • 2005

GLAD worked with the ACLU of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island NEA on behalf of a retired teacher, a resident of Massachusetts, who sought spousal health insurance coverage for her new spouse under the… Read More →

Rubano v. DiCenzo

Victory • 2000

The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled that a lesbian co-parent could bring a claim in Family Court to resolve issues of visitation rights with the child she had raised with her former partner, the biological… Read More →

M.G. v. Providence School Department

Victory • 1999

Representing a Providence student arrested and expelled from school after false accusations by tormenting peers, GLAD won an agreement completely vindicating the student.

Read More →

In re South Kingstown High School

Victory • 1998

GLAD intervened successfully on behalf of a high school gay/straight alliance that had been denied the equivalent privileges of other student organizations.  The principal was persuaded to honor the school’s obligations under the Federal Equal… Read More →

Aaron Fricke v. Richard B. Lynch

Victory • 1980

GLAD’s 1980 case, Aaron Fricke v. Richard B. Lynch, is a milestone in protecting the rights of LGBT students. GLAD founder John Ward and co-counsel argued that, in not allowing him to bring a male… Read More →