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Cases: New Hampshire

Pedersen et al. v. Office of Personnel Management et al.

Victory • 2013

June 26, 2013 U.S. Supreme Court rules DOMA Section 3 unconstitutional in Windsor v. United States

July 31, 2012 – Connecticut Federal District Court Judge Bryant rules that DOMA is unconstitutional.

Judge Bryant issued an… Read More →

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region v. Gilsum

Settled • 2012

Update June, 2012: GLAD has reached a successful settlement on behalf of AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region (ASMR) that will enable ASMR to continue their group home, known as the Cleve Jones Wellness House,… Read More →

In the Matter of Deborah Munson and Coralee Beal


GLAD and the ACLU of New Hampshire submitted an amicus brief in this case before the New Hampshire Supreme Court concerning the fair distribution of property in a divorce between two women who were in… Read More →

In re Guardianship of Madelyn B

Victory • 2014

Update: The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled July 2, 2014 that our client Susan B. is a legal parent to the daughter she brought into the world with her now ex-partner Melissa D. Twelve-year-old Madelyn B. now has… Read More →

Parents of Student K.1 / SAU #53 – Epsom School District

Victory • 2012

In a victory upholding the efficacy and enforceability of New Hampshire’s anti-bullying statute, GLAD represented an Epsom, New Hampshire student whose high school failed to address vicious cyberbullying by several classmates.

The student was tormented… Read More →

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region v. Town of Gilsum

Victory • 2009

Victory! GLAD Announced a settlement in this case on September 1, 2009. The settlement will enable ASMR to operate its group home for people with HIV without many of the onerous restrictions previously imposed by… Read More →

Bedford and Breen v. New Hampshire Technical College System

Victory • 2007

The state of New Hampshire dropped its appeal in this case on May 7, 2007, providing a definitive victory for GLAD and the plaintiffs. The New Hampshire Superior Court ruled on May 3, 2006, that… Read More →

Blanchette v. Saint Anselm College

Settled • 2006

In June 2005, GLAD filed a lawsuit in U. S. District Court in New Hampshire on behalf of a transgender woman in New Hampshire who was fired from her job at St. Anselm’s College when… Read More →

In re Nancy Walsh

Victory • 2004

GLAD applied for and won compensation from the federal September 11 Victim Compensation Fund on behalf of Nancy Walsh, a lesbian whose partner of 13 years was one of the passengers on Flight 11 who… Read More →

Blanchflower v. Blanchflower and Mayer

Victory • 2003

GLAD filed an amicus curiae brief in a divorce case addressing the question of whether the New Hampshire adultery provision as a fault-based ground for divorce includes same-sex extra-marital relationships. GLAD’ s brief argued that… Read More →

Rose v. YMCA of Nashua

Victory • 2002

GLAD intervened on behalf of a lesbian couple and their family in New Hampshire who were denied a family membership rate at the YMCA in Nashua, winning an agreement from the YMCA to revisit their… Read More →

T.T. v. J.R.

Victory • 2002

In the first case to test the sexual orientation protections in the New Hampshire public accommodations anti-discrimination laws, GLAD successfully resolved a claim by a patient who was denied treatment by her dentist because she… Read More →

Doe v. Roe Physicians

Victory • 2002

GLAD settled a case against a doctor who refused to provide in-office care to a patient with HIV, after the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights found probable cause to believe that unlawful discrimination had… Read More →

Doe v. Nashua Housing Authority

Victory • 2000

GLAD won a change in the practice of the Nashua Housing Authority, which had been illegally demanding private medical information about individuals living in subsidized housing.

Read More →

West High GSA v. Manchester School District

Victory • 1999

Faced with a lawsuit by GLAD and its NH co-counsel, the Manchester School District directed West High’s principal to recognize a student initiated Gay/Straight Alliance.  The students had sought recognition from the school for a… Read More →