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Testimony on RI H 5383: An Act Related to Education - School Committees and Superintendents

GLAD Youth Initiative Director Vickie Henry submitted testimony March 11 on H 5383: An Act Related to Education - School Committees and Superintendents.

H 5383 would amend Section 16-2-17 of the Rhode Island General Laws in Chapter 16-2 entitled "School Committees and Superintendents" to "direct all school superintendents to review discipline data for their school district, to decide whether there is an unequal impact on students based on race, ethnicity, or disability status, and to respond to any disparity."

GLAD supports the adoption of this amendment, but also urges that gender identity and sexual orientation, if known, be added to the categories for which data is collected.

In her written testimony, Henry presents evidence demonstrating that LGBTQ youth suffer punishments by school authories that are disproportionate to their rates of transgressive behavior, and that nine percent of students report being disciplined simply for indentifying as LGBTQ.

Read the full testimony here.