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New England has been fertile territory for GLAD’s family law work. LGBT individuals may adopt children in any New England state, and firmly-established law allows same-sex couples to adopt jointly in Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, and—in most cases—New Hampshire and Rhode Island. In addition, a number of state courts have made it possible for a non-biological parent to pursue custody and visitation as a “de facto” parent, protecting the irreplaceable relationship between parent and child.

GLAD’s Work On This Issue

Our communities are stronger and healthier when LGBT parents are fully recognized under the law, all parents can provide security for their families, and the law puts children's needs first.

From the Docket

Victory • 2016

In re Parentage of Minor Child

In an important ruling that creates an alternative path to parentage for couples who use assisted reproductive technology in their pregnancies - one… More →

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Legislative Advocacy

June 8, 2007

Gay Mainers to have Family Medical Leave

Maine’s legislature passed a bill extending the protections of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to same-sex couples and their families. Working… More →

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December 12, 2016

Rhode Island Couple’s Court Win Creates Alternative Path to Family Security

Bryce Helie and Cara Millett met in college in 1999 and soon became inseparable.  After graduating, they moved to Rhode Island, where Bryce opened up… More →

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