About our Legal InfoLine

How does the InfoLine work?

  • Trained volunteers work one-on-one with callers to provide information, support and referrals within New England.
  • The InfoLine operates 1:30-4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Staff are available to answer calls and email in both English and Spanish.
  • GLAD's Legal InfoLine is completely confidential.
  • NOTE: GLAD's InfoLine offers legal information about matters arising in the New England area (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont). Find legal resources for LGBT or HIV concerns outside of New England.

Why contact the InfoLine?

  • Have you been treated unfairly at your job, school, in housing or elsewhere because of your sexual orientation or gender identity?
  • Have you been the victim of anti-gay or anti-trans violence or harassment?
  • Do you need information about how to protect your family?
  • Have you been harassed by the police because you are gay or trans?
  • Do you want to know more about your rights as a gay man, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person?
  • Have you been treated unfairly at your job, doctor's office, school, in housing or elsewhere because of your HIV status?
  • Has a health care provider refused to treat you because of your HIV status?
  • Do you have trouble on the job because of an HIV-related health problem?
  • Have you been the victim of violence or harassment related to your HIV status?
  • Do you worry about the privacy of your HIV status at work or at your doctor's office?

How can the InfoLine help?

  • We can discuss your situation and tell you how the law protects gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, and people with HIV.
  • We can give you information about how to defend your rights.
  • We can tell you where and how to file a discrimination claim.
  • We can refer you to experienced and friendly attorneys.
  • We can point you toward other resources that are sympathetic to LGBT and HIV issues.

Who contacts the InfoLine?

  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, & trans individuals and their friends & family in New England.
  • People with HIV/AIDS, friends, family & health care providers in New England.
  • English speakers, Spanish speakers.
  • You!