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Military Spousal Benefits (POC Rule)


The Department of Defense (DOD) is offering the same benefits to same-sex spouses and different-sex spouses, regardless of where the couple resides.  The DOD is also granting leave for service members who live more than 100 miles from a place where they can legally marry to travel and get married.

Although initially a small number of state National Guard units refused to offer benefits to same-sex spouses, all of them are now in compliance. 

Same-sex married couples are eligible to participate in the Survivor Benefit Program (SBP), regardless of where they reside.  Retirees have until June 25, 2014 to enroll their same-sex spouse.  

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) issued an interim final rule that it will use the “Place Of Celebration (POC)” to determine whether a participant is married.