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DOMA Stories:
Federal Marriage Discrimination Hurts Families

GLAD is in court challenging the federal government's discrimination against legally married same-sex couples. In Gill v OPM and Pedersen v OPM, we represent couples and widowers who are harmed in various ways by DOMA. But DOMA hurts many more people than we can represent in these lawsuits.

In these stories, loving couples, widows and widowers, from all walks of life, describe how DOMA hurts their families.

Photograph of Jackie & Gloria
No ‘Normal Life’ for Newlyweds Living Under DOMA’s Threat

Jackie & Gloria
Photograph of William Wesley & Joseph Wesley
DOMA Puts Unnecessary Pressure on New Hampshire Dads

William Wesley & Joseph Wesley
Photograph of Joel Howard & John Tracy Tucker
A Supportive State Doesn’t Compensate for DOMA’s Discrimination

Joel Howard & John Tracy Tucker
Photograph of Barbara Levine-Ritterman & Robin Levine-Ritterman
So Much Love in the Room: A Couple Beats Cancer but not DOMA

Barbara Levine-Ritterman & Robin Levine-Ritterman
Photograph of Andrew Sorbo
A Widower’s Grief is Compounded by DOMA

Andrew Sorbo
Photograph of Rick Munroe
They Had No Idea Who I Had Lost

Rick Munroe
Photograph of Jerry Savoy & John Weiss
We’re a Family, Just Like the Family Across the Street

Jerry Savoy & John Weiss
Photograph of Beth Ryan & Jenny O’Flaherty
Nowhere to Hide From DOMA’s Discrimination

Beth Ryan & Jenny O’Flaherty
Photograph of Jerry Passaro
And I Loved Him

Jerry Passaro
Photograph of Lisa Block & Marian Rewcastle
From Friendship to Romance Nothing Stands in their Way – Except DOMA

Lisa Block & Marian Rewcastle
Photograph of Kate Tyndall & Debra Grossman
In the Eyes of the Federal Government, We Don’t Even Exist

Kate Tyndall & Debra Grossman
Photograph of Geraldine Artis & Suzanne Artis
They’re Not Property, They’re My Family

Geraldine Artis & Suzanne Artis
Photograph of Joanne Pedersen & Ann Meitzen
You Can’t Put Off ‘Til Tomorrow Because You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring

Joanne Pedersen & Ann Meitzen
Photograph of Daisy Chamberlain & Jamie Chamberlain
Their Love Conquers All - Except DOMA

Daisy Chamberlain & Jamie Chamberlain
Photograph of Carlos Tejera  & Michael Anthony
The Family:  Michael, Carlos and Linda

Carlos Tejera & Michael Anthony
Photograph of Leslie Horst & Louise Forrest
The Drip, Drip, Drip of DOMA’s Disrespect

Leslie Horst & Louise Forrest
Photograph of Judy Paiva & Sandy Ansell
Border Crossings

Judy Paiva & Sandy Ansell
Photograph of Mary McCarthy & Bonnie Winokar
Life is Good, Except for DOMA

Mary McCarthy & Bonnie Winokar
Photograph of Laurie Hart & Caroline Hart
Hart-Break or Happy Ever After for Binational Couple?

Laurie Hart & Caroline Hart
Photograph of Ailsa Wu & Kate Herman
We Love Traditional Marriage!

Ailsa Wu & Kate Herman
Photograph of David Wilson & Rob Compton
Family: That’s What We Are

David Wilson & Rob Compton
Photograph of Annette Whitehead-Pleaux & Amy Whitehead-Pleaux
Love Makes a Family

Annette Whitehead-Pleaux & Amy Whitehead-Pleaux
Photograph of Brian Khoo & David Colton
Uncertainty Clouds a Lasting Love

Brian Khoo & David Colton
Photograph of Jonathan Knight & Marlin Nabors
So Much Can Change in One Day

Jonathan Knight & Marlin Nabors
Photograph of Bette Jo Green & Jo Ann Whitehead
DOMA decision: discuss!

Bette Jo Green & Jo Ann Whitehead
Photograph of Gill v. Office of Personnel Management Plaintiffs
DOMA Decision Dispatch: Plaintiffs Share Their Reactions

Gill v. Office of Personnel Management Plaintiffs
Photograph of Thorsten Behrens & Christopher Schiebel
Two dads, two kids, two dogs and DOMA: Which one doesn’t belong?

Thorsten Behrens & Christopher Schiebel
Photograph of BJ Weiss & Marty Downs
DOMA ‘just doesn’t make sense’

BJ Weiss & Marty Downs
Photograph of Tom Casey Hopkins & Darrel Hopkins
A Hero’s Unwelcome

Tom Casey Hopkins & Darrel Hopkins
Photograph of Oliver Sun & Glenn Miliken
Despite Our Differences

Oliver Sun & Glenn Miliken
Photograph of Marlin Nabors & Jonathan Knight
Paying the Price For Inequality

Marlin Nabors & Jonathan Knight
Photograph of Suzanne Smith & Chris Parrish
Marriage is More Than a Legal Document

Suzanne Smith & Chris Parrish
Photograph of Mary Ritchie & Kathy Bush
DOMA is Taxing Our Children’s Future

Mary Ritchie & Kathy Bush
Photograph of Dick Rubinstein
Truth Depends On a Walk Around the Lake

Dick Rubinstein
Photograph of Christina Renaud & Shelley Renaud
Waiting for the Discrimination to End

Christina Renaud & Shelley Renaud
Photograph of Alice Halstead & Joan Cousins
We’re There For Each Other Through Thick and Thin

Alice Halstead & Joan Cousins
Photograph of Jay Toupin
Still a Lucky Man

Jay Toupin
Photograph of Bette Jo Green & Jo Ann Whitehead
DOMA Makes Us Feel Erased

Bette Jo Green & Jo Ann Whitehead
Photograph of Steve Kleinedler
There is Nothing to Fear From Marriage Equality

Steve Kleinedler
Photograph of Nancy Gill & Marcelle Letourneau
DOMA Has Limited Our Choices and Affected Our Kids

Nancy Gill & Marcelle Letourneau
Photograph of Niles da Silva & Thiago da Silva
Our Lives and Dreams Are at the Mercy of DOMA

Niles da Silva & Thiago da Silva
Photograph of Paul Ruseau & Bob Ruseau
Jumping in the Deep End of the Pool

Paul Ruseau & Bob Ruseau
Photograph of Jacqueline Murphy
I Owe It to Her Memory to Continue Fighting This

Jacqueline Murphy
Photograph of Rebecca Rehm & Judi Burgess
A Very Ordinary Family

Rebecca Rehm & Judi Burgess