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After DOMA:

Information for Married Same-Sex Couples

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You're Covered: Social Security After DOMA (webinar recording)
Dollars and Sense: Federal Taxes After DOMA(webinar recording)

The Supreme Court’s historic June 26, 2013 ruling that Section 3 of the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is Unconstitutional gives married same-sex couples access to the tangible benefits of the federal safety net, allowing them to better protect one another and their children.

General Information

The benefits in the various federal programs only apply to married same-sex couples. The one exception is Social Security. Same-sex couples in a civil union or registered domestic partnership, living in a place that recognizes that relationship, may also be eligible for Social Security spousal-based retirement or survivor benefits.

Many federal programs only require that you are legally married (this is called the “Place of Celebration (POC)” rule), but some programs require that in addition to having legally married that your marriage be recognized by the state in which you reside (this is called the “Place of Domicile (POD)” rule).

The most comprehensive update on the implementation of the Windsor decision can be found in Attorney General Holder's June 20, 2014 memorandum to President Obama.

NOTE: If you think you may be eligible for a federal benefit, we urge you to apply soon as time limits may apply in certain cases.