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GLAD's Board of Ambassadors

Amy Killelea
Andrew Taylor
Andy Morgan
Anna Kurtz
Barry Field
Bishop Gene Robinson
Carol Buckheit
Daniel Redman
David Cash
Deborah Bershel MD
Ed Butler
Emily Douglas
Gary Bailey LHD(h.c.) MSW ACSW
Gloria and Linda Bailey-Davies
Jamal Brown
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Jim Splaine
John Affuso
John Argos
Katherine Patrick
Katherine S. Kaufmann
Kevin Gallagher
Kristen Bokhan
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Linda Rogers
Liz Monnin-Browder · Co-Chair
Mark Allen
Michelle A. Rediker
Patricia A. Peard Esq.
Peter Epstein
Raymond Rodriguez
Reginald T. Stanley
Reverend Irene Monroe
Rick McCarthy · Co-Chair
Robert G. Ross
Stephen J. Ryan
Trevor M. Nardini