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About GLAD

Dear Friends,

It is my great privilege to welcome you into the heart of GLAD’s community.

When all is said and done, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) is nothing more and nothing less than the handiwork of a community of dedicated individuals – board, donors, staff, volunteers, and allies – with a shared vision of equality and justice for all.

Please explore our website to learn more about GLAD and the rights GLAD has won and continues to win throughout New England and the U.S.

Read our strategic vision, Justice 2020, for information on our plans, priorities and commitments for the next four years.

Explore our history to appreciate how far our community has come and how GLAD has made a difference as a civil rights leader for more than three decades.

Take a look at the slate of cases currently on our docket to find out how we are working to expand equal justice under law right now.

Read one or many of the dozens of publications available to inform you of your rights and legal protections in your home state.

Or take a moment to discover how you can join us at an upcoming event or engage in other ways to become involved in GLAD’s work.

GLAD is all about daring to dream big and then making those dreams a reality. From employment protections to marriage equality and more, GLAD has achieved what so many at the time considered to be pipe dreams.

GLAD continues to dream big and to imagine an even more just world:

  • a world where LGBTQ youth can grow up fully affirmed by their families, guardians, teachers and peers, and elders need not go back into the closet to age with dignity;
  •  a world where same-sex parents no longer have to adopt their own children but are considered legal parents from the moment of birth;
  • a world where transgender individuals can be who they are without fear of discrimination or violence; and
  • a world where people living with HIV are thriving, and new infections are a relic of the past.

In other words, a world where we are not just tolerated, but celebrated.

With your continued support and investment, together we will lead the way beyond equality and toward equal justice under law.

I look forward to doing the work it takes - with you - to realize our dreams.

Thank you,

Janson Wu
Executive Director